Thursday, 18 May 2017

Week 3 term 4

We continued to work on our speeches  and learnt how to make powerful introductions  and use super sentence starters this week.  Some children are well on the way while others are lagging behind. This is a real challenge.

In the earthquake class for topic we did some art which will visually illustrate the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates. Other classes were making barometers and mentos and coke fountains. We ended the week with a fun science experiment investigating how we taste food. It is always fun when there are lollies involved!

We are developing our knowledge and application of measurement, learning how to calculate and measure perimeter and also area. 

Fortunately, the weather was kind today so we were able to have another PE session in either hockey, soccer or Rippa, and are looking forward to tournaments on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Thank you to all those parents who promptly returned forms and payment. There are still a few outstanding, however.

Thanks also for returning Museum trip slips quickly. 

We are looking forward to our classroom interactive session with the Tread Lightly caravan which rolled into school this afternoon. Ms Sims took the class on Thursday afternoon and had the students making origami seed pots in preparation for the visit.

Well done to the girls this week for knocking the boys off the Mathletics ladder this week. Kathleen, Stella and  Katelyn  took out the honours. Go Girls!
Jayden was our Star of the Week and Maren our Player of the Week for being so switched on about knowing his next steps in learning  and being able to articulate them clearly and for being a valued class member. Happy birthday to Jesse today.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Week 2 Term 2

The students in Rimu began their Natural Disasters topic this week. I was surprised at the wide range of prior knowledge exhibited in our discussion and brainstorm.

Image result for child presenting speechWe are working on our persuasive speeches and expect to have our hamburger plans completed by the end of this week, before we research for evidence to support our reasoning. While it is a challenging task, children will learn best from doing it themselves so parents, please do not write their speeches for them. Talk about their topics, suggest ideas, point them in the direction of information but please let them make it their own work and be independent. We will be doing the writing in class and they will be given guidance about how to engage the audience, what sort of language to use, sentence starters and so on. I touched base with most children today and have made suggestions and given some ideas for them to develop.

Image result for children playing hockeyWe have hockey and soccer tournaments coming up in week 4 so notices about this went home on Friday.

The Tread Lightly caravan is visiting in week 4 too and we look forward to some interactive lessons with this focusing on caring for our environment by reducing waste.
Check out more about this here.Tread Lightly caravan

Both of these events require permission and a fee to be paid. I would appreciate a prompt return please so numbers can be finalised.  

Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 term 2

Room 3 students seemed to be eager to get back to school and have settled in well to the new term.

This week we attended a short ANZAC service in the Event Centre and the class has been tasked with making a poster about the significance of this special day.

We started our literacy unit with a lively debate so the students were having to come up with opinions and justify them. We have begun working on our speeches and everyone has chosen a subject. We have looked at examples of persuasive language and drafted a model plan to show the appropriate structure. Our next step is to plan our speech by forming reasons, and researching evidence and examples.

The students chose 2 options from earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes to investigate for our Natural Disasters topic. These will be largely science- based and involve developing the science capabilities through experiments, models and demonstrations.

Alongside this topic we have been doing some preliminary work on looking after the environment leading up to the visit by the Tread Lightly caravan in week 4. A notice went home about this and permission slips and payment is required for this. On Friday afternoon we watched the Lorax movie and the class were able to make connections with the Tread Lightly theme.

It's going to be a busy term for sports, kicking off with our orienteering teams competing this week. Thanks to those parents who provided transport and came along to support.
We are developing our skills for soccer and hockey tournaments in week 4. In addition, we are enjoying weekly half-hour sessions of Turbo Touch. It's all go!

On Friday lunchtime most Rimu students were treated to a free lunch of lasagne and pud, cooked up by our wonderful camp cooks, to use up the left-over camp food which had been kept in the freezer. A nice change from sandwiches. Special thanks to Leeann, Lynette and family.

Our Star of the Week was Kyan while Emily was our Player of the Week. Harry once again topped the class in Mathletics.

This term promises to be crazily busy.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Week 11 Term 1

A very rainy week which meant the children were inside at break times and going a bit stir crazy!
They learnt how to read maps and then had a practice run guided by Val Robinson from Counties Orienteering. The student had to read maps, find markers and click their paper to show they had found the correct marker. From this session, some children were selected for the Franklin Championship to be held on Reeves farm at Patumahoe in the first week of term 2.

On Tuesday they enjoyed their RICH Reward which acknowledges good behaviour and the meeting of homework expectations. They chose to watch a movie or use devices and have some sweet treats.

It was great to touch base with so many parents at our Share my Learning evening. Thank you to all those who made the effort to come along and show an interest in their children's learning.

On Wednesday they learnt Turbo Touch in the first of about 4x 1/2 hour sessions. Apparently, it was pretty fast and furious and great fun. Easter Bunny paid a visit leaving chocolate eggs in the tote trays. The students put on extra layers of papier mache to their bottles for their next piece of art.

A few children worked with me as part of the SPARK programme doing clay art. The Rimu students made boxes and lids using coils and were pretty pleased with their results. Will just have to hope that they dry without cracking and we can go on and have them fired.

Special certificates were handed out to students in Room 3 who had consistently fulfilled homework and spelling requirements.  Kathleen as our Star of the Week while Harry once again topped the class in Mathletics. Jesse was our Player of the Week for being such a polite, willing and reliable helper.
Samuel and Kately were awarded Worker of the Term certificates in our special assembly.

It has been a full-on term with camp, swimming, lots of varied activities such as orienteering, Strike Percussion , the Healthy Eating programme, as well as fun activities like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Tug of War.
 Term 2 promises to be even more hectic!

I hope you all have a relaxing Easter break and that the weather improves so can all make the most of the time off.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Week 10 term 1
So glad that everyone remembered to turn their clocks back and arrived on time.
A great start to the week with a session of What's on the Menu? with our wonderful parent helpers. More seeds were sown today, we harvested strawberries, feijoas and capsicum. Two groups visited the tree unit and learnt how that operates. We discovered some cooking apples- a bit sour! and a banana palm with a bunch of fruit which have been attacked by birds, hollowing them out. We salvaged two which we tasted and they wee firm and sweet.

One group was in the kitchen whipping up Feijoa muffins-yum!

Can you see Harry's feet as he searches for feijos under the bush?

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C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0404.JPG
C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0405.JPG
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C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0407.JPG
C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0408.JPG
C:\Users\Wendy\Pictures\class 2017\DSC_0410.JPG

On Tuesday the whole school enjoyed a loud and lively performance from Strike Percusssion who played Cook Island pate drums, body percusssion, regular drums and marimba and also an almost silent rhythm using fire.

On Thursday some lucky students had a SPARK session with mr Dean making and programming robots.

Our week ended with the Easter Egg Hunt, organised by the PTA. There was great excitement when the children took off in search of coloured sticks  and 2 golden tickets. Blue house retrieved the most sticks. it was wonderful seeing how the older children took the littlies in hand.

 Harry once again scored the most points in Mathletics this week, Jesse was our Star of the Week and Jak was our Player of the Week. I have been impressed by the class's homework efforts lately. Regular keyboard practice seems to be making a difference. Well done Team 3. Keep it up!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 9 Term 1
I was away in Rarotonga last week while Mrs Mc Kelvey took the class. She was impressed with how they worked and behaved.
Last Monday they had class photos taken and on Friday was the annual House Tug of War.

On Monday I was given a warm welcome back by the class. It was nice to be missed.
In the afternoon we enjoyed our session of What's on the Menu?. The students weeded the vege garden and planted new seedlings. They took bits of plastic which does not break down out of the worm bin which produces wonderful soil for growing plants in. We were amazed at the size of some plants which had been planted only 3 weeks ago. One group weeded the tnative trees growing in the TfS unit while another harvested veges and made sweetcorn fritters which we all sampled afterwards.

WE ended the week with PE and some good summer games of non-stop cricket, kick ball and Rippa Rugby. In the afternoon we had assembly. Tegan-lee and Oscar were awarded certificates. Our Team Player of the week was Jasmine who is always cheerful and focused in her work. Harry topped the class in Mathletics and Hemaima was our Star of the Week

Friday, 17 March 2017

Week 7 term 1

In Room 3 we have been writing newspaper reports about activities at our camp. We have learnt about headlines and captions and now are reports are a work in progress, needing editing and development.

In our topic,  we have been learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child while in our reading we have focused on stories or articles about children in other countries whose rights are not being met. This is proving to be a bit of an eye-opener for our children. 

Students from Rimu have stepped up this week since Kauri students were away at camp. Sadie and Hemaima have been trained as sports shed monitors, Sadie and Joshua, Jesse and Jak have been acting road patrollers,  while Katelyn has been taking around the absence book and delivering notices. They have proved to be very reliable and diligent about their duties. Well done , Team.

I was out at the Franklin Zone swimming sports at Waiuku on Thursday so Mrs Clarke took the class. A good effort in swimming by Sadie, Leone and Maren. This was a very efficiently run day thanks to Val Robinson who has been organising Primary School sports for Franklin for many years. 

This week Rimu took charge of the assembly so we were keen to share our learning with the rest of the school and parents who came along. 
Alexis , Ruby and Leone very ably planned and created a power point about what they had learnt about Seeds last week. 

Three Seeds in a Pod Click on the link to watch. I liked the pun they used for their title too, putting into practice what they had learned in writing.

A group of children shared tips on keeping safe on the internet and showed the posters they had made.
We also shared a movie of photos from camp which the little kids innp[articular found very amusing- they seemed to laugh at anything and very raucously!Room 3 even put out the chairs and packed them away- great job,  Team.

Jak was our Star of the Week and Stella our Player of the Week. Stella also topped the class in Mathletics with over 5000 points.

Mujer tranquila en hamaca

Mrs McKelvey will be taking the class next week as I am off to a tropical island for some R and R.
She will be following my programme and I am sure the class will be wonderful in helping her and showing her where things are.



Week 3 term 4 We continued to work on our speeches  and learnt how to make powerful introductions  and use super sentence starters this we...