Friday, 22 September 2017

Week 9 Term 3

We have been wrapping up units of work this week and doing some end-of-term assessments especially in Maths.
 Room 3 students have been working collaboratively on writing their narrative version of a poem telling the story of how Maui fished up the North Island. They are being tasked with elaborating on the story by incorporating dialogue and description to add detail. It is great to hear the talk that goes on and how students correct each other and comment on each other's work.we will publish our finished story along with the illustrations.

We have been trying to complete our Calendar art which will be displayed in our classroom with the hope that parents will be impressed and want to buy one made into a calendar- ideal Christmas gifts for family.

We are nearing the end of our novel study- the students have enjoyed the books they have been reading and there have been some good discussions about the deeper meaning and what we can learn from it.
We had a get-together of rimu students on Wednesday afternoon to run through preparations for the indoor exhibits. it is important to stick religiously to the criteria so some planning and organizing are required. It would even be advisable to do some practice. Students should consult with parents about which options they are best able to do. Scout around for flowers and foliage- ask neighbours, family and friends or choose an option that you have the materials for.

Tip: Cut flowers with long stems ( they can be trimmed to the required size), preferably the night before and stand overnight in a bucket of water so they can have a good drink.. do not pick if they are wet with rain as they will go mushy.
Children may require oasis for the floral arrangement so should bring $1 to school on Thursday for this.
Children are to do the baking at home but all the other options are to be made at school.
Please do read the description of the options carefully.

on Friday we hoped to do Athletics for PE but the ground was too wet and slippery and therefore u, unsafe after morning rain for jumping and running events. Instead, the whole syndicate competed against each other in our houses at a new game like Noughts and Crosses- very fast, noisy and exciting.

Skylar was nominated for Team Player of the Week while Madison was our Star of the Week.

On Friday afternoon, we had our Worker of the Term assembly. Samuel, Ruby and Mitchell shared their awesome descriptive writing based on NZ scenes.  Two very deserving .students. Harry and Ruby were awarded special certificates and achievement stickers as Workers of the Term.
Leone and Ella earnt a credit and a merit respectively in the NSW  English exam.
Service award stickers were given to Hemaima, Sadie, Oscar and Katelyn while  Hemaima, Taleah,  Kathleen and Skylar received rebel vouchers for showing commitment to Boot Camp.

To top it all off, Room 3 won the assembly shield. Well done Team.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Week 8 Term 3

This week we worked on and completed our explanations of how an old fashioned toy worked. The students worked well some using the Read and Write talk and type tool to support spelling of difficult words. some found this helpful while it impeded progress for others. We peer evaluated each others writing using the criteria for the genre.

Cross grouping has been going well as students extend their strategies for multiplication and division.
Students are doing their own inquiries for their topic options too.
Room 3 students have been reading and studying novels this term and seem to be enjoying the chosen stories, all by reputed authors.

This week we started practising for athletics, developing our techniques in throwing, high jump and long jump.
Room 3 students completed their papier mache 'ugly faces' by adding weird and wacky hair. our Calf Club art is all finished now. There is just some finishing off to be done for our calendar art which will be on display on Calf Club day so parents and family may order calendars incorporating the artwork.

On Thursday we conducted several simple science experiments to show how water can travel and we also discovered why big strong Mitchell couldn't rip a sheet of newspaper straight whereas Ella could. We researched to find out how paper was made. this surprised some children who thought it was made from leaves.

Our RICH focus has been on Care this term so for the past 3 weeks the students have all been showing kindness and care towards a secret friend- a smile or compliment, a positive note or gift, an invitation to join a game or some thoughtful gesture. on Friday we had the big reveal where they found out who their secret friend was. They all decided this was a fun exercise. I hope it continues with or without a secret friend.

It was Maori language week this week so we learnt about some Maori place names- what they mean,  how to pronounce them and how to ask 'Where do you come from?''. I even get pulled up for mispronouncing names from time to time.

This week Ella was our Star of the Week while Jayden was our Player of the Week for his perseverance in his work, his lovely manners, and general helpfulness.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

week 7 term 3

Rimu students had a fantastic day out at the Howick Historical Village on Thursday and thankfully the weather was obliging and the rain stayed away.

we enjoyed 4 classroom sessions with wonderful staff taking on the roles of people from the 1850s.

Room 3 students leant how butter was made and each had a turn at churning the cream  and tasting the finished product at the end.

At the mansion house, we learnt about the sort of things emigrants packed into their limited -size trunks in order to start a new life in NZ after the long 4 month sea voyage. No toys or luxuries but more practical items like an axe, a potty, shears, flint and steel  for making fire, a cooking pot and a family bible.
From there we learnt about the sort of toys children made and played with - mostly wooden and handmade like Jacobs ladders, periscopes, dolls and no plastic in sight!

Lastly we lined up and marched into the schoolhouse to experience school lessons as they were 150 years ago- copper plate writing on slates, hand and nail inspections, quoting in a chorus a values statement, rote learning of tables.
I am considering adopting some of the rules they had then- children lining up in two lines- girls  with hands clasped and boys with theirs behind their backs, use of the cane for wayward children, no lefthanders...... !!!!!

After a short lunch we had time to look more closely at the buildings such as the raupo whare, sod cottage, church and mill complete with water wheel.

This was my first visit to the Village and I was most impressed with the exhibits, the organised staff and the smooth running of the day so that our time was maximised.
I would thoroughly recommend it as a great place to visit for families especially on their live days when many people are in costume and taking on village roles. these are on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Rimu students enjoyed their last gymnastic session. We have been most impressed by the efficient way these have been run and how the students have been challenged and extended in a fun way.
Next week we will start Athletics skills because our Athletics day creeps up quite quickly in Term 4.

We madea last big effort  today to finish our Dream Car brochures. We all roamed and looked at each others and selected Ben's, Jesse's and Stella's  for a voucher prize . Ruby's and Harry's were selected to go up against those from other classes. Ruby won a car and sticker while Harry won a cap  and poster for his efforts. Super work .

At assembly on Friday, Hemaima was awarded the Belong trophy for her service to the school, aways readily volunteering for extra duties while Jak won the Become award for always persevering in his work. Harry and Ruby won achievers points for their success at cross country and Mitchell received a certificate for his contributions within his reading group. Leone had won a distinction in the NSW writing exam  although she is overseas and unable to collect her certificate. Didn't they do well?

Katelyn was our Star of the Week while Oscar was our Player of the Week for being so enthusiastic, willing to volunteer and keen to answer quesions while at the Howick Village. He even got  to wear a Victorian gentleman's night shirt and lovely he looked in it too!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

week 6 term 3

Another week has gone in the blink of an eye.

This week Rimu students started their classes on their 2nd  option of topic. students could choose between toys, transport and household chores to investigate and find out how each has changed over time and what has influenced the changes. Doing topic this way has given students the chance to choose what interests them.  We  have focused on two  main objectives- research and presentation skills along with he competencies, managing self and participating and contributing as the students work collaboratively to research a topic of their choice further.
In my group we had some interesting discussions about what a toy is, what an ideal toy would be and that recent craze, fidget spinners.

In our writing we wrote snippets about a recent experience to share with our buddy classes on Friday afternoon. At times it can be quite frustrating when children do not include full stops in their sentences , resort to using common everyday words and overuse words like 'and' or 'then' which we have addressed regularly in writing instruction and they are often being reminded of. the students worked hard to edit and recraft their writing.  We visited the Hub and buddied up with senior students  to share our writing. Room 3 students were impressed b y the brochures room 16 had made and we loved their hub cap artworks.

We learnt about drawing 3D shapes- quite challenging,  and then the 3 forms of symmetry in strand maths.

Ruby and Harry participated at Zone Cross Country  for North Group. while they were not individually placed, the group finished 2nd overall . It was a muddier course this time round after the recent rain.

We farewelled Emily who is moving with her family to Beachlands. We will all miss her cheerful smile. We wished Leone 'bon voyage' as she heads to Europe with her family. I presented her with an owl keyring to take with her so she can write the story of its adventures and include it in her photos.
Thanks again to those wonderful parents who transported.

Next week we have our visit to Howick Historical Village in keeping with our topic on Past and Present. a few children are still to return their permission slips however.

From this week we have cut homework back to just reading and learning spelling words. Other activities are optional but all children should be working on their animals , gardens or projects.

 I have emphasised how important it is to plan thoroughly for the milk bottle challenge. This involves searching for innovative ideas, (Pinterest is great for craft ideas)  collecting all materials, thinking through procedures, drafting a vision of the finished product, taking measurements etc. When planning is done well , everything falls in to place when it comes to the actual construction.
The project is expected to be done as homework and completed for the last week of term when Calf Club is being held.

Our Star of the Week this week was Gino.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

week 5 term 3
How the term is flying!

This week we wrapped up our topic inquiries with the students presenting their researched information as a time line then self-evaluating their work according to a rubric of the criteria.

We have been working on writing explanations and the students found this challenging as they could not revert to writing instructions however they worked well collaboratively and there was good discussion as they crafted their sentences together. They are excited about next weeks writing task which should include both persuasive language and description.

The descriptions we wrote last week were published into a classroom book which the class thought was a great idea and were impressed.

On Wednesday I accompanied the WPS runners who qualified for North Group cross country to the A & P showgrounds in Pukekohe. our year 5/6 girls team came 3rd and our year 5/6 boys team came first taking out the first 3 placings.

The triumphant boys.

Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny day so this made for a pleasant outing.
a number of rimu students qualified to go on to Zone cross country next week where they will compete against even tougher competition, the best of all the Franklin schools. Good luck to them. I wonder if our 3 boys can pull off another Trifecta???

On Friday morning Mitchell and Oscar  took part in the Vector EPro8 competition at the Pukekohe Intermediate. This involved large construction challenges which really tested them.

We enjoyed a practical Maths session on Friday, drawing nets and making boxes and 3D shapes. These have now been string up to form a mobile.

The kids continue to enjoy their gymnastic sessions and are challenged to perform the movements which involve tramps and beams, balance and coordination.

Our Star of the Week this week was Taleah, Jak once again cleaned up at Mathletics and Emily was the Player of the Week for working so well with her writing partner, taking care to compose and share their sentences.
Finally, Room 3 won the Assembly shield at Friday's assembly. Well done Team!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

week 4 term 3

On Monday we enjoyed the Science Roadshow where the students learnt about spectacular physical and chemical changes and how we see things that are not visible to the naked eye.
The students move through a range of exhibits exploring effects of heat, gravity and electricity.
 The students were well occupied but it would have been great to have had more time to explore the activities in more depth.
They are loving their gymnastic lessons and are developing strength, balance and confidence.
We walked the cross country course on Wednesday morning-it was soft and muddy underfoot so the kids were pretty dirty by the end. On Thursday afternoon the rain held off just long enough to enable us to run the senior cross country event. There were some great finishes especially from Tegan-lee, Harry,  Jesse, Ruby. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm shown by most students who have pushed themselves to go the distance in practice circuits leading up to the event.

Wednesday evening saw our year 5/6 teams competing at the Franklin Mathex competition. This was a tough Maths problem-solving competition against many teams from local schools. They were under a lot of pressure but were outclassed and unplaced, challenged by some difficult questions.

Since it was Maths week this week, we challenged Rooms 2 and 4 to a Mathletics competition to see which class could amass the most points in half an hour. Despite a concentrated effort, we were soundly beaten.

We have been learning to write descriptions and this culminated in our writing sample being a descriptive piece of writing based on a picture of a familiar place. I now have the job of scrutinizing the texts to assess them.

On Friday afternoon we shared our 'wow ' writing based on paintings of NZ landscapes which the students wrote in pairs and then peer evaluated. We plan to make them into a book. A great job and I am so proud of their efforts. children's writing- NZ landscapes Check them out here.

I t has been a muddled week with lots of things happening but it has been fun.

Our Player of the week was Alexis for encouraging others during the cross country and persevering in her work despite having an arm in a cast. Jayden topped the class in Mathletics with over 4000 points and birthday girl Katie was our Star of the Week.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

week 3 term 3

We sent three teams from Rimu syndicate to the Franklin Schools netball competition on Tuesday. The boys were elated with their success in their pool and the girls' teams who faced pretty fierce competition had some wins though they were not placed. Thanks again to the wonderful mums who coached the teams and supervised, umpired and transported.

Room 3 enjoyed another session of gymnastics with Franklin Gymsports with some different apparatus.

The students are working on their last piece of artwork for Calf Club- Notans,  which ties in with our Geometry studies.They are enjoying learning the language of geometry and the properties of shapes.

My reading groups are enjoying their novel studies. I think they have been surprised as they are not, by their own admissions, the sort of books they would choose themselves- all novels by reputed authors.
We are focusing on descriptive writing and working in pairs to produce what I hope will be some amazing writing. Collaborative writing fosters discussion about best language and composition.

It was great to see all the imaginative hairstyles the students sported for Crazy Hair Day to raise money for Kidscan.

On Friday morning we all attended the NED show where a clever actress/magician/ balloon shaper/yo-yo girl entertained us and promoted the message that we can all be champions both at school and in our own lives.  The key to this was Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best always. These talks are funded by the sale of yo-yos so these will be available to buy during next week.

We shared our learning at the Rimu assembly on Friday- showing off our art work and presenting a Te Reo item on Maori greetings.

Certificates were awarded to Kathleen, Gino and Jayden. Samuel and Jak were awarded special Principal's awards along with a yo-yo  each for helping others.
Emily was our Star of the Week, Jak topped the class in Mathletics and Jesse was our Player of the Week for his perseverance and positive attitude.

Week 9 Term 3 We have been wrapping up units of work this week and doing some end-of-term assessments especially in Maths.  Room 3 studen...