Friday, 28 July 2017

week 1 term 3
Welcome back to term which culminates in Calf Club on the last day of term. I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant break with your families despite the lousy weather.
The students seemed keen to be back at school.

This term we are doing a novel study with each reading group. Hopefully the students will appreciate different books to the usual ones which they choose to read. It will also require them to manage themselves and their time well to complete the activities within the given time frame. So far they are very enthusiastic about getting into the novels I have chosen.

We started our topic options and I am looking at how and why toys have changed in then last 100 years. The focus will be on research and presentation skills. Many thanks to all those people who sent in old toys- now our back bench looks like something from a toy museum. The students are quite fascinated at the enduring toys from the past and surprised that some are much older than they realised.

We are focusing on multiplication and division in Number so learning times tables would be a huge advantage. We are learning about the properties of shapes in Geometry and so far have learnt about the language used, names of shapes and angles.

In our writing we are developing our descriptive writing skills and using pictures as a motivation for writing.
We had an interesting science session , acting like scientists to make observations, collect data and infer theories about dinosaur footprints.

This term we have cross country coming up so most days, when weather permits, we will be out running a circuit along the paths endeavouring to go the distance, maintaining a steady pace so we do not have to walk.

At assembly today, Gino and Mitchell received certificates to acknowledge their contributions to discussion this week, Jak topped the class in Mathletics, Leone was our Star of the Week  and Madison was our Player of the Week for her encouragement of others. Well done, team.
Leone also received a participation certificate for entering a story in the Barfoot and Thompson Story writing competition.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Week 10 term 2

Tuesday was a long day with Parent-Teacher interviews in the afternoon and evening. This was a great opportunity to discuss students learning after reports going home last week. We hope they were helpful and informative. I enjoyed meeting some parents for the first time and touching base again with others.

We have been doing lots of Maths testing this week- post tests to determine what progress has been made and pretests so we can regroup for next term and plan to address needs. It has been reassuring to see such wonderful progress over the term as some students have gone up in leaps and bounds.

The students had their last basketball coaching session today and music with Mrs Houtman-Zouwe. So much for her retirement- she has been in most days this week!

The students enjoyed a relaxing RICH Reward session on Thursday afternoon- either watching a movie or using devices and being treated to some lollies.  Another group of children helped to plant up the seedling in the tree unit for Trees for Survival. We got the job done quite easily and before the rain let loose.

We have been working on descriptions of our environments this week and we have some amazing writing coming along. The class has been designing the graphics for a skateboard- another art work for Calf Club.

We had our Workers of the Term assembly on Friday afternoon. We farewelled Mrs Dallas who is leaving to have her first baby. Stella and Jak were awarded special certificates, Katelyn earned an achievers sticker for her certificate for being a speech finalist.

Taleah was our Player of the Week, Harry was our Star of the Week and he also topped the class in Mathletics- Boys reign this week!

I hope you all manage to have a break with your families. Wouldn't it be ideal to be basking on a tropical island instead of wrapped up warm indoors while the rain pours down at this time of year?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Week 9 Term 2

This week we have been finishing off units of work so there will be some more Maths assessments next week.

We had several practices of our items for Grandparents Day and finally presented them today when our special visitors were entertained by the whole school. Everyone was blown away by the Jump Jam performance from the senior pupils- great synchronisation and some pretty fierce looking facials!

It was great to see such a huge turnout and to meet these lovely people. They wandered through the classroom,  shared books and Mathletics with the students and viewed the Book Fair before mingling over a cuppa. Thanks to those parents who sent along food for this.
The Grandparents were thrilled with the portrait poems that Room 3 students had written about their loved ones. Great to hear such appreciative comments as "You've made my day."
I was impressed by the descriptions written by the students and it was wonderful to have an authentic audience.

The children again enjoyed playing some games that develop basketball skills for PE and they are also enjoying their next artwork designing a skateboard.

Reports and learning folders were distributed this afternoon to be taken home. Please go through these with your child and discuss their progress, attitude and next steps. Help them to fill in the reflection sheet based on the information presented therein.
Please bring the reflection sheet, learning folder and report with you when you come to interviews on Tuesday

Next week on Tuesday the pupils will go home early as parent interviews are being held in the afternoon and evening. I have emailed parents to remind them of this. Please note that they will be held at the Event Centre.

This week Sadie, the birthday girl was our Star of the Week, Ella topped the class in Mathletics and Maren was Player of the Week for his wonderful grandparent' s poem.

Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Week 8 term 2

On Wednesday we recognised the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice by dressing up in PJs and onesies, well most children did. I drew the line at this but wore my stripy bed socks.We had dinosaurs, Dalmatians, a mouse, a duck and even a gorilla and some rather colourful pyjamas.

 This week we welcomed a new student, Taleah who has quickly made friends and adjusted to her new class and school.

The class had music this week and there was also a practice of our syndicate item for Grandparents Day. More practices are planned for next week.

We have been continuing with our topic and focusing on developing Science skills. In my Earthquake class, we tried to make earthquake -proof structures and a number of groups completed and succeeded. The students realised the importance of strengthening their structure by using triangles since they are strong shapes. It was good to see the students working well together to achieve this.

The class enjoyed another session of basketball with coach Caleb- great fun as they learn the skills.

Students from Rimu who signed up for netball coaching had their first training session on Friday lunchtime with 3 very enthusiastic parents. They have commented on the skill level of the players and talent of some who showed real flair and good tactics. We hope to have 3 teams in the Franklin Netball tournament in term 3.

Our Players of the Week were Jayden and Jak who persevered in their writing to make improvements. Stella topped the class in Mathletics and Jasmine was our Star of the Week.

We are looking forward to Grandparents Day on Friday and also interviews in week 10 - please make sure you have booked your interview time.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

week 7 term 2

On Tuesday I went along to the Franklin Speechmakers competition in Pukekohe to support Eva who was representing Waiau Pa School in the year 5/6 competition. There were 16 schools represented and while Eva presented a great speech, there was stiff competition. I was most impressed by the high standard and the range of topics covered- cloning, being too clean, the power of advertising- some quite mature topics.

The students have finished their ugly faces papier mache art- it has taken a while!

They enjoyed another session of basketball coaching, learning skills through games.

On Thursday we headed up Saddleton Rd to plant 400 native trees on a local property where we had planted previously. I was blown away by how well the class worked to get the job done in record time, showing great team-work and application. We filled in a last corner of the gully and it was great to see how well the other trees are flourishing and attracting birds and insects as well as beautifying what was an unattractive area of wasteland. Thanks to Theo and Chloe for coming along and helping out. After some physical work on a beautifully sunny day, we really enjoyed a sausage sizzle afterwards, thanks to Dawn and David our hosts.

We are still having students off school with sickness. There seems to be a lot of winter ills and colds going around. Just hope I can fend off the bugs!

 On Friday we did some science, encouraging the students to observe as scientists would when studying a creature or plant. We started off watching what happens when M n Ms were arranged on a plate of milk.  The kids were then each given an Autumn leaf to draw as if they were a botanist like Joseph Banks making illustrations to take back to England  to show what strange and different plants existed in NZ. This was very challenging and we had to look hard to copy the shape, edging, pattern of veins etc.

Our Player of the Week was Ben who learnt how to tell the time in one lesson, Harry took the honours in Mathletics and Josh was the Star of the Week.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Week 6 term 2

At last speeches are done and dusted and we can focus on other writing activities. The speech finals were held on Wednesday with Katelyn representing Room 3. Unfortunately,  she was ill along with a number of other students and did not make it. Eva from Room 2 will represent Waiau Pa School at the Franklin Speechmakers competition in week 7, competing against the best from other Franklin schools.

I have never seen such a large number of children away with winter ills and chills. My first thought was that families were extending their long Queens Birthday weekend w but some children have been off all week. It's that time of year.

We commenced our 2nd option classes for our Natural Disasters topic this week.

In PE we started coaching sessions with Caleb from Franklin Basketball. The students are very enthusiastic.

We also learnt some science , looking at chemical reations with copper coins, testing which liquids clean them and finding ou t why the Statue of Liberty is green.

This week Ben was our Star of the Week, Sadie was our Team Player of the week for being such a reliable monitor and Kathleen topped the class in Mathletics.

Hope to see the class back to full strength after the weekend.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Week 5 Term 2

All the students presented their speeches on Monday and Tuesday. they covered a wide range of topics from lettering, smoking, wearing shoes and places to visit. Our Syndicate final is on Friday and each class is submitting 3-4 candidates.

We enjoyed a great day out at Auckland Musem on Wednesday. We spent some time in the Volcano exhibition and particularly enjoyed the earthquake simulation. Afterwards we had time to explore other areas. The boys were especially interested in the war section with nits Spitfire airplan, weaponry and war memorabilia. We checked out the dinosaurs and the native trees, animals and birds section before heading downstairs to look through the meeting house where weavers were restoring tukutuku panels.
At one o'clock we had our lunch on the steps in the sunshine before heading back to school.
Thanks to the wonderful parents who cam along to help supervise groups.
We had our Rimu speech finals on Friday with Leone, Katelyn, Harry and Stella presenting their speeches again. Well done to Katelyn who will now go forward to the school finals on Wednesday next week.

We also did a writing sample, a persuasive letter  using all the writing skills we had learnt as we wrote our speeches.  

Our Star of the Week this week was Ben while Kathleen topped thye class in Mathletics. Harry was nominated as Player of the Week for his perseverance with his artwork and his wonderful speeh.

Have a great Queens Birthday weekend. I am hoping  for warm weather and a relaxing break.

week 1 term 3 Welcome back to term which culminates in Calf Club on the last day of term. I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant break with your...